Proph is the reincarnation of the ancient Prophet who, because of s scheduling mixup, reincarnated before the ancient Prophet died.

This raises some serious questions about the nature of reincarnation, and several strongly worded emails have been sent to the glorious ancient ones about this.

The Ancient Prophet foretold this Prophets arrival, by saying he would be standoffish, and use such remarks as "I'm not the Prophet" or "Get your hands off my penor" to try and trick you into thinking he was not the prophet.

The Ancient Prophecy states that the Reincarnated Prophet must be thrown into a Volcano for the chance to win great prizes such as a new iPhone for being the Millionth visitor to the Volcano.

But the Reincarnated Prophet rebelled, and instead of being thrown into the volcano, threw the volcano into everyone else. This worked because physics.

Proph then went into hiding, only recently returning as a new McDonalds mascot. He is beloved by children and Clowns the world over as "Mr. Angry Nuggs".

Proph's Prophecy Paragraf Edit

  • Some day in the future, all Squid shall dissappear. Thanks Hitsu.
  • Nick Nocturne shall survive the end of the world and reign over all the damned souls in Furry Hell. There is no Furry Heaven, and Furry Hell is pretty ok so we shouldn't be worried.
  • If someone were to make a stupid wikia article about me, I would be royally pissed off.