"Anyway, how's your sex life?" - Tommy Wiseau after STEALING FROM HITSU'S GLORY!
Hitsu is the bestest of boyos who claims to be a man and isn't that just adowable? They are also the lord of Darkness, and are rumored to stand next to Nick Nocturne at the gates of Furry Hell at the end of the world.

(Too mean?)

Hitsu has all the many drugs such as sleep and monkey juice, which are illegal in 600 countries, and even more illegal in 3 countries.

Hitsu does not like bugs, they crawl into his ear and eat his brain, and his brain only. His brain tastes like a Disney Princess.

Hitsu has a powerful ally in Dyno. Before Dyno was Dyno, Dyno was Dyna, and Dyna was only Dyna because Hitsu stole Dyno's penor.

Hitsu will summon children with Dadly precision. They are the daddy of the thousand poisoned young who are destined to destroy the world.

Hitriviasu Chan (I know this pun is terrible) Edit

  • Hitsu is a former convict who escaped from an Atlantean prison for squid trafficking.
  • Hitsu is born of the time when Admiral had a threesome with a nightmare and the sound it makes when you throw a frog at a road sign.
  • Hitsu miiiiight be a zombie. They haven't let us check.
  • Despite having "Hit" in their name, Hitsu is not a violent boyo. They prefer to crush emotions.