"I'll jerk my gerkin for 7 years mate" - Admiral
”What if you smoke backwards?” - Admiral
Admiral is the best Admiral and Admod in the Adserver.

Admiral is not confined to the human realm of identity, and is therefore a pansexual void.

The love of Admiral is called Admiralove.

It has been confirmed that Admiral has no Admorals.

Ali-ass-es ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Edit

  • Dadmiral (Because they are best dad and have fathered all evil with their loving hands.)
  • 🅱admiral (because he is our lord and he makes the thots begone)
  • Demi - Furry; ˈdemē -ˈfərē ; When a person of an age, usually between 13 and 35, is part of the furry fandom, but will not admit or show any signs of it.

Trivia Edit

  • Is just a Nick Alt.
  • If they're not a Nick alt, they're a Nick Dick alt.
  • The hypothetical scenario of Admiral being a Nick alt is called the Admiravatar Scenario.
  • The hypothetical scenario of Admiral being a Nick Dick alt is called the Admiravatardickkles Scenario, this scenario is prophesied to coincide with the singularity.

The Admiral's courtship ritual.